The ingredients in all Aveda beauty products are derived from natural plant botanicals and essence sourced sustainably from around the world

Aveda’s Natural Approach To Colour

Aveda’s approach to bonding: The Chemistry of the Sun

Our knowledge of nature and quest for a more evolved chemistry led Aveda to create the First ever, 97{e0d511491f64fcf2c5666ef6abf2f682aeaa2d4be217d748d2390096dd9d961a} naturally derived permanent hair colour formula. For years Aveda researched a chemistry that could harness the active energy of plants to create a more natural system- and more beautiful blonde effects. We looked at the only natural light source- the sun- to develop a formula that emulates the natural lighting process, photo bleaching. Recent scientific studies have documented how this natural lightening process works. Sunlight reacts with the hairs natural pigment, melanin. The melanin then reacts with air and, in the presence of moisture, generates a natural form of hydrogen peroxide that naturally lightens the hair, leaving it shinier, healthier looking and more glorious then ever.

Aveda’s Full Spectrum Permanent Hair Colour System

Full Spectrum permanent hair colour is a revolutionary concept that applies patented plant technology to permanent hair colour. Green Tea extract and essential oils create a new colour development process that eliminates the undesired tones to impart beautiful colour. Full Spectrum Permanent Hair Colour is 97{e0d511491f64fcf2c5666ef6abf2f682aeaa2d4be217d748d2390096dd9d961a} naturally derived, Customize a complete range of hair colour possibilities, from lightest to darkest shades, purely natural looking to outrageous colour including intense, enduring reds and lasting grey coverage. The formula contains a blend of sunflower, caster and jojoba oils and soy protein, this protective blend maintains hair’s condition and adds incredible shine.

Aveda’s Full Spectrum Deposit Only Colour Treatment

A 99{e0d511491f64fcf2c5666ef6abf2f682aeaa2d4be217d748d2390096dd9d961a} Naturally derived colour treatment formula that delivers long lasting colour and shine, the treatment formula the condition of damaged hair and adds incredible shine with protective plant oils, this ammonia free colour treatment contains natural antioxidants to protect against UV aggression. The colour lasts up to 8 weeks and gradually fades on tone.

Aveda mission statement

Our mission at AVEDA is to care for the world we live in, from the products we make, to the ways in which we give back to society. At AVEDA, we strive to set an example for environmental leadership and responsibility – not just in the world of beauty, but around the world – Horst Rechelbacher